Radio Phonograph and Gramophone Collection for Sale

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Beautiful Restored and Serviced Antique Radios, Phonographs and Gramophones for Sale

In a Nutshell
Ten Selected Masterpieces of Radio, Gramophone and Phonograph Design, spanning over 70 years of Entertainment, Restored and Working

Right on time for Christmas I offer "David and Goliath" - or "Out of Recession in 7 years", two very collectible and antipodal RCA (Victor) Console Radios from 1930 (R-15) and 1937 (816K), the "Park Lane", a 1939 DeForest-Crosley Console, a high-end German Grundig 5-speaker Radio from 1955, the most famous Cathedral Radio Philco 70, that also can be used to play a Wireless Philco Record Player, a little Emerson Bel Geddes Radio, the iconic Canadian Electrohome Bubble Stereo radiogram in gold, and finally two super-rare Edison Phonographs.
My hobby is to restore these antique radios, gramophones and phonographs from the 1900's to 70's, by trying to make them appear as much as possible as they were when manufactured, visually and acoustically. This includes cabinet restoration, replacing mechanical components, as springs, styluses, reproducers, etc. and electronic components, such as tubes, capacitors, resistors, switches etc., and finally tuning the units and burn-in test them for 48 hours. All items are serviced and come with a lifetime guarantee for service, repair and problem solving.
The table below lists 10 radios, gramophones and phonographs. Clicking on the Detail number in the sixth column links to a detailed documentation and restoration report about each one of the items. Please e-mail me or phone me at 604-688-9654 (ask for Kris), to ask questions, make a viewing appointment, make me an offer, or buy an item. I take Paypal payments and as EPay seller with 100% positive feedback I know how to ship safely to anywhere in the world. I also buy unrestored radios, gramophones, and phonographs, help you assessing their commercial value, and - in selected cases - offer repair service and parts supply.

List of Items (see documentation and pictures in Details) Wish Price
Year Manufacturer Model Description Material Details Can$ (US$)
1930 Victor R-15 aka Radiola 48 Mini-Console Press-wood Carving Detail 1 399.- (375.-)
1937 RCA Victor 816K Top-of-line All-wave Console 7-tone wood Detail 2 999.- (939.-)
1939 DeForest-Crosley 9D991 All-wave console radio The "Park Lane" 7-tone wood Detail 3 SOLD
1955 Grundig 3055/56 DeLuxe All-Wave 5-Speaker Radio Mahogany Ivory Pl. Gold Met. Detail 4 499.- (469.-)
1931 Philco 70 AM Baby Grand cathedral radio Wood Detail 5 SOLD
1941 Philco RP-1 Wireless record player Wood Detail 6 149.- (139.-)
1947 Emerson 544 5-tube AM mini table radio, Bel Geddes 2-tone wood Detail 7 179.- (169.-)
1971 Electrohome 711 Space Age Stereo w. Speakers in Gold Golden metal & Acrylic Detail 8 499.- (469.-)
1899 T. A. Edison A Early Square-top Standard Phonograph Oak and Metal Detail 9 1199.- (1129.-)
1908 T. A. Edison C Early Business Phonograph Oak and Metal Detail10 SOLD
I also buy phonographs, gramophones, radios and parts

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